Automated online payments for PTAs using Stripe


At Ticket Tailor, we continually try to make life easier, and keep costs low for PTA event organisers. To that end, we have partnered with both Stripe and PayPal for payment processing. However, for PTAs, we recommend using Stripe for the following reasons:

  • Lower fees - 1.4%+20p per transaction, potentially lowered to 1.2%+20p per transaction if you email them with your charity number

  • Better checkout experience for your ticket buyers. Buyers remain within your PTA box office and are not scarily transported to the PayPal website

  • More reliable service

  • Better customer support. We love them :)

  • Rolling payout directly to your PTA bank account - Phew, no more cash counting!

Our PTA is a charity, we don’t want to pay payment processing fees!

Sheesh! We totally get it but in order to take card payments online there is no way to avoid payment processing fees (we wish there was 😢). You could, of course, avoid payment processing fees and take payments in cash or bank transfer but this takes away from the convenience of your school community buying tickets online. Also, there is quite a lot of admin required and not enough volunteers to deal with this ongoing. In our experience, more tickets sell online for an event as your online audience is a lot larger than your school gate community.

Here’s a tip💡 - There is a tool in Ticket Tailor that allows you to pass this cost on to your ticket buyers by adding a transaction fee to each order. Set this at an amount that would cover your payment processing fees and then you don't lose out on your ticket revenue. This is completely optional so it's up to you whether you want to pass this cost on to ticket buyers or not. These days, parents are more willing to put up with a slight surcharge simply for the convenience of being able to buy tickets online.

Another tip 💡is to get your event sponsored. Make sure that the sponsorship funds will at least cover the cost of your payment processing fees. You may find this blog useful for sponsorship or here is another one to read.

Security is very important to our PTA. Is Stripe secure?

Yes, absolutely. All sensitive payment details such as card numbers are ever seen by Stripe and never touch our servers thereby reducing the risk of any payment details being compromised. Stripe is accredited with level 1 PCI/DSS compliance which is the highest level of security compliance for the payments industry. We hope that sets your mind at ease.

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