Find FREE to use images to promote your PTA events online

Free to use online images

Finding free to use images online for your PTA 🤑

We have talked in a previous blog about the importance of using eye-catching imagery to grab attention, get your PTA noticed and get people talking about your fundraising events. 🎟️

In order to help you with this, we thought it might be useful to tell you a few facts about using images you find online. The most important being that it's an absolute no no to simply Google images online and use them in your designs 🚫. Most images online are copyrighted, require a license to use them and  you could be fined!

Here at the PTA Hub, we have  compiled a list of useful websites to find free or low cost images for you to use when creating your promotional designs.  🤩

Did you see our blog on using Canva to design eye-catching posters? It's worth noting that Canva has a huge bank of free photos to use in your designs. Simply type in the search bar what image you are looking for - swipe it and edit it like a pro 🎨!

We want your PTA to be above board and fine free 😇, so take a look at our our favourite FREE to use image sites? Click the links and search for images to use in your PTA designs.

[There may be adverts from paid photo sites - be sure to avoid these when searching! 😬]

Warning ⚠️: You may lose yourself in these sites, there is just such a choice! From experience, we’d advise finding an image that will work for your design, download it, use it in your design and move on. Creating fantastic designs is really fun but can be time-consuming.

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