Go Green and Fundraise - an environmental initiative for your PTA.

Promote sustainability AND fundraise for your PTA.

Going Green for PTA Fundraising

Sustainability should be an essential part of how PTA groups organise events moving forward. Climate change and our response to it as a PTA, is of increasing importance to our lives and our children’s future.

Think how empowering it would be to promote sustainable change within our school communities and play an important part in the shift towards a sustainable nation. I think our children would approve.

Think of all the popular events organised by PTA groups throughout the year - film  nights, discos, quizzes, Christmas and Summer fairs. All these events have historically used single-use plastic, particularly that of single-use plastic bottles, straws, glasses, cups and plates. Single use plastic has become an increasingly important area to consider for any PTAs wanting to reduce their environmental impact.

Did you know there are 7 different types of plastic and of these only 3 types, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PE-HD (high-density polyethylene) and Polypropylene can be widely recycled?

Examples of the above are:

PET - Soft drink bottles, water bottles, cooking oil, many cleaning products.
PE-HD - Milk and juice bottles, bleach bottles, reusable cups.
Pp - Yogurt containers, disposable cups and plates.

Inspired by a BBC news item we saw earlier this year, Ticket Tailor are launching the Go Green and Fundraise initiative for PTA groups to help PTAs not only with their sustainability ambitions but also with fundraising.

Are you in?

Our Go Green and Fundraise Initiative for PTA groups.

We periodically draw a random email from our newsletter mailing list to win a Go Green and Fundraise event pack. We contact the winner using the email they provided at newsletter signup and arrange to ship the pack to an address of their choice.

The Go Green event pack.

Each 60 person event pack includes 60 reusable, multi-coloured BPA free cups, 60 bowls, 60 plates plus pouring jug. The pack is suitable for up to 60 people and can be stacked to save space when stored.

The Fundraising bit.

Of course, there are big chunks of the year that the event pack won’t be used for PTA events. Don’t worry, you can continue to put the pack to good fundraising use by hiring it out to your school community for children’s parties. This can be for a fixed amount or a donation - whatever works for your PTA group. It’s super simple to hire out the event pack to parents online if you use the Ticket Tailor ticketing platform for PTAs. We even send you a poster of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to pass to the person hiring the pack. Your PTA itself, receives a ‘How the Go Green and Fundraise works’ guide.

By hiring your PTA event pack out, you are

  • re-enforcing the notion that your PTA is environmentally aware

  • promoting sustainable change within the school community

  • fundraising for the greater good

Our newsletter, which we hope to start in September, will be packed full of timely fundraising and events tips and tricks to support your PTA. We hope to send one at least once a term, paying attention to what content would be most useful to PTAs, that particular term.

From time to time, we randomly draw a winner and contact them by the email they signed up with. We then arrange to deliver the PTA event pack to their chosen address. Simple as that.
So go ahead, sign up below and good luck!

We do understand that reusable partyware is not completely free of environmental issues but once used several times, it becomes more efficient overall. The event pack is provided in the knowledge that the ware will be used time and time again and have the overall effect of reducing waste and providing a fundraising opportunity for your PTA group.