Heads and Tails PTA Fundraising Game

PTA Fundraising Game

PTA Fundraising Game

The 'Heads and Tails' game is a fun and engaging way to generate more revenue at your event. This family friendly game is perfect for a quiz, bingo night or auction interlude. 

Collect a small sum of each person who wants to participate, £1 is not uncommon at PTA events. Then, when it’s time,  ask all Heads and Tails participants to stand up. They can select either “heads” or “tails” by putting their hands on their heads, or on their tails or one hand on each!

Flip 2 coins and announce whether the coins came up heads or tails or heads and tails. Participants whose choice matches the coin flips stay standing—everyone else is out and sits down. 

Continue asking participants to select "heads” or “tails”  or both, flip both coins time and again, eliminating more players until only one player is left standing. This is the winner! 

Decide on the prize in advance. Perhaps you have a prize table for them to choose from or a bottle of decent wine? You could even offer a percentage of the takings if you didn't have a prize to offer.

Sometimes, just one coin is used in the coin flip, but in my experience 2 coins is better and makes the game and the fun last a bit longer.

If you’re thinking of running a quiz in the near future, online ticketing makes the administration of the event so much easier. Consider our PTA friendly event ticketing platform Ticket Tailor.

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