Ticketing your PTA Christmas Fair

Xmas Fair Ticketing.png

Along with the PTA Summer fair, the PTA Christmas fair can be one of the biggest fundraisers for many PTA groups. It’s also at a time of year that people are feeling most generous and willing to get into the Christmas spirit. Traditionally, Christmas fairs have not been ticketed but now with affordable online ticketing available from Ticket Tailor, there are plenty of reasons why you should ticket your PTA Christmas fair.
Not least to book time slots for Santa’s grotto!!

Here are some of the benefits of online ticketing worth thinking about:

🎅 Many online ticketing benefits can be achieved without your PTA spending a penny!

🎄 Promote your PTA Christmas fair to a much wider audience - easily share your ticketing link using email, text and social media.

🎅 Attract a higher level of PTA sponsorship - promote your sponsor complete with business links , within the event detail itself, on all the tickets, on the broadcast communication to attendees and of course on the event poster.

🎄 With advance order info, the PTA will know how much food and wine is required before you buy it.

🎅 Send important PTA event updates - using the Broadcast feature, you can communicate  reminders or requests to everybody before the PTA Christmas fair.

🎄 External Christmas stall reservations  - businesses can book and pay for their stall using your PTA online ticketing.

🎅 Raffle prizes et al - ask your community for PTA prizes, food contributions etc. during the checkout process.

🎄Volunteer sign-up - Request, cajole  and sign up event volunteers in advance.

🎅 Advance sales - pre-order Christmas puddings, fundraising merchandise

🎄 Donations online - add an optional donation to the ticketing order. You would be surprised how generous people can be when you make it easy for them to be so. These donations are eligible for Gift Aid if you are a charity.

🎅 Santa’s grotto - allow parents to book and pay for a time-slot for Santa’s grotto to avoid any conflict on the day. Children’s tickets can be scanned in at their allotted time

All but the online donations can be achieved without even connecting your PTA bank account! If you do wish to accept payments and donations, these are securely paid online to your bank account. No more missing floats or endless cash counting! Check out our special PTA page here.

Feel free to bring this information to your next PTA meeting . It makes so much sense to use online ticketing for your PTA Christmas fair event. We hope you consider using Ticket Tailor for PTAs.

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