Popular PTA Events : The PTA Silent Disco

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The PTA Silent Disco

The popular PTA Disco event for pupils is one that most schools run at least once throughout the school year. It is often so popular that schools run a waiting list for those that didn’t manage to book their tickets in time. In an increasingly technological world we live in, we have noticed a trend towards the ‘Silent Disco’ amongst PTA groups, so we thought we’d investigate this a bit more!

So what is a Silent Disco?

A silent disco is one where the music is transmitted to wireless headphones worn by each disco guest. There is no speaker system, therefore anyone without headphones cannot hear the music being played! You can normally transmit 3 music channels at once meaning the guest can switch between 3 different playlists. You may want to keep it simple for a PTA school disco and just have one playlist. The equipment consists of a transmitter, various cables to connect the equipment and of course the silent disco headphones.
You can potentially plug in a smartphone , a laptop and a DJ to the transmitters at the same time! The music then gets transmitted to the wireless silent disco headphones and let the party begin!

What are the benefits of running a PTA Silent Disco?

💃 It is an event that can be enjoyed by adults or children. Try it with the kids first, they absolutely love it.

🕺 You do not need an on-site DJ or live band. Simply create your playlist, connect your music source to the transmitter and play.

💃 It is a lot easier to converse with other volunteers and individual children while the disco is in progress. Simply remove the headphones!

🕺 No degree in engineering required. Plug and play technology. The headphones are very intuitive for the children.

💃 As long as you have a reliable source of power, there is very little to go wrong.

🕺 There is no space usurping equipment required. The transmitter and music source can be placed safely out of reach of little hands.

💃 The hiring process is quite straightforward as far as we can gather. The equipment is delivered and collected by prior arrangement and by courier. We are hoping to secure a deal for PTAs in the near future - watch this space!

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