The Teddy Tombola at the PTA Fair

Teddy Games at your PTA Fair

Teddy Games at your PTA Fair

Teddy Bear Fundraisers

They come in all shapes and sizes, some well loved and some waiting to be loved. But in the eyes of a PTA these soft cuddly guys and dolls are surefire 100% profit! As a bonus, we can spread a little joy at the same time as raising funds for the school. Everyone's a winner. 

The beauty is that there is no financial outlay involved - put a call out for clean, soft toys that are ready to leave the nest and move on to their next family adventure :). Mostly, they are donated having been washed but in our experience, it is worth getting a few volunteers to initially sort the wheat from the proverbial chaff, then run a job lot through the wash just to be sure you are only providing clean, safe toys to the stall.

Now you have your army of fluffy, furry and fuzzy friends, what’s next? Several factors will influence how you run your stall. How many toys have been donated being the biggest. For example, if you have lots and lots of teddies, then you may want a winner every time and the tombola route may not be for you. Don't worry, there are alternatives.

The Teddy Tombola - Stick raffle tickets ending in 0 or 5 to the teddy with all ticket counterparts going into the tombola or box. The person picks a ticket, if it ends in 0 or 5 they’re a winner, find the toy, happy days! 

A tip here is to display the toys in number sequence to facilitate finding it.  Sequentially numbering the larger toys to smaller makes for a more logical display with larger toys at the back.

Alternatively, if you want a prize won every time, name the teddies beforehand using luggage tags as a nice touch, duplicate the names on paper and put in a hat, box or bag. The child picks a name out and wins the corresponding named bear. Tip: be creative with the naming to keep yourself sane ;) . Arrange teddies in alphabetical groups.

Adopt a Teddy - Design an adoption poster using Canva. Let the child choose and name the teddy themselves. Write the child’s name, date of adoption and teddy’s name on the certificate and hand on with the toy. Tip: form an orderly queue for this one - it’s popular!

Ready Teddy Pull - Tie lengths of ribbon around the teddies, place in a tent or cover with a blanket with the ribbon ends exposed. 50p/£1 a pull. Tip: tie the ribbons while the teddies are in place on the day, this avoids a tangling nightmare.  *ahem* speaks from experience!

Another advantage is that the kids can’t see the toys so don’t know what teddies they may be missing out on!

Ready Teddy Roll - Roll of a dice, even numbers win. Child chooses a teddy. Or to win each time use a single die, roll 1 and 2 = small teddy, roll 3,4,5 = medium teddy, roll a 6 = large teddy.

Ready Teddy Hook - This is the teddy equivalent of hook-a-duck. Place teddies in, preferably donated, bags with sturdy handles. Child/parent hooks a bag and wins that toy.

So there you have it, Try one of these or a mixture at your Summer fair. Price according to your stock and demographic. These games have been successfully pitched at between 50p and £1 a turn. Let us know how you get on and what worked for you.