Ticketing your PTA Fireworks Event online - FAQs

Supporting you with organising a successful Fireworks Fundraiser


We’ve put together the most common questions we get asked about ticketing your Fireworks Night in the hope that it will help you organise a fantastic fundraiser this Autumn. 🎆

How much does it cost to use Ticket Tailor for our online ticketing of Fireworks night? Is it FREE? 🆓

The answer is twofold! We have preferential pricing for PTA fundraising groups. You can use our system all year for all your events for £199.
We also have a PAYG ( pay as you go ) option which costs 25p a ticket, a great option for Fireworks night. 🎆
Is it FREE? A lot of schools pass the low fees onto the ticket buyers which makes Ticket Tailor completely free to use for the PTA. People tend not to mind paying a bit extra for the convenience of purchasing tickets online. Our ticketing platform facilitates this. 👏

Can the PTA request donations using Ticket Tailor? 👛

Yes! When you set up your event, you can add an online donation request where ticket buyers chose to add an adhoc donation or the PTA can default in a suggested amount. You can set this up with more detail if you have a specific item you are raising funds for eg: Climbing wall or Scooter storage.

Can we offer advance food orders? 🥡

Absolutely! You can set up as many ticket types as you need with different prices as required. Eg: General admission, Family Admission, Admission with meal etc ...

Can we offer Early Bird pricing to encourage sales? ⌚

100% you can, and we think it’s a great idea.👏 Early bird tickets can be turned off at a specific date and time when the deal is over.

Can we limit the number of tickets sold for our event? 🎟️

Yes you can limit the number of tickets sold whether they are a single ticket type or a grouped ticket type (eg: family).

Our event is very popular, can we have a wait list?

You can! It is quick and easy to set up a waiting list which people can join when there are no tickets left. Then, when/if more tickets become available, you can contact the waitlist using our ‘Broadcast’ communication feature to let them know.

Can we use Ticket Tailor to sell fundraising merchandise online? 🛍️

Yes, many schools set fundraising items to be bought online to reduce the amount of cash required on site during the event. The buyer can then pick up from a specific stall at the event once there purchase ticket is scanned.

Our volunteers need to be registered as attending but their ticket is free, can Ticket Tailor facilitate this? 🆓

Yes! It is a great idea to put all tickets through the system whether they are paid for or not. This makes reporting much easier and more robust. Simply set volunteers up with a volunteer ticket type which is free. Alternatively, set up a discount code for all volunteers to enter which gives 100% discount!

Our event is always really busy, is there a way to quickly check people in? 📱

You can use our free Check-in app to check people in quickly and easily 📱. You can check in attendees by scanning their tickets, searching for personal details, or selecting from a door list. The app is downloadable to most smart phones and can be used to scan entry tickets, food orders or merchandise sales! Best of all, all the checkin information is readily available in your dashboard reporting area.

Can we communicate with our event attendees? ✉️

You can use our ‘Broadcast’ feature in the admin dashboard to communicate with your event attendees. You can send a pre event reminder, request volunteers or let them know of any event updates.

How do people receive their tickets? 🎟️

All tickets are delivered electronically to ticket buyer’s email 🎟️. These tickets can be optionally designed by you from your admin dashboard or left with the default design. Include any information you want them to have. We recommend leaving the ticket QR code on there if you want to speedily check people in using our free check in app.

Can we gather important information from attendees like their car registration or if they need wheelchair access? 📑

Yes, you can ask questions at order confirmation. You can ask a question once per order or ask a question per attendee. These questions can be easily configured in your admin dashboard and can be set up as general order confirmation questions or can be set up per event.

Can we create orders manually on the door or over the phone? ☎️ 

Adding orders manually can be useful when accounting for tickets bought outside of the Ticket Tailor platform - for example at the door, in person or over the phone. This is easy to do from your admin dashboard. We have tutorials to help you through this.

We want our event sponsored, how can we promote our sponsor?

That’s a great idea 👏. Go for it! In fact, we have a blog about this which you may like on PTA Hub. In brief, you can promote them complete with business links , within the event detail itself, on all the tickets, on the broadcast communication to attendees and of course on the event poster 😁.

Are there any other costs involved? 🤔

Unfortunately, there will always be bank processing fees no matter what ticketing platform you use. You simply can’t escape these 😔. In order for people to purchase their tickets online, you will need either Paypal or Stripe set up on your Ticket Tailor account. Stripe is currently 1.4%+20p  per transaction and Paypal is 2.9%+30p per transaction. Read more here. You can also pass this fee onto ticket buyers as our platform facilitates this. For example, using Stripe,  if a ticket was £10, adding all the costs associated with the convenience of online ticketing would make the ticket price approximately £10.50 to be buyer and cost the PTA nothing!

Can we issue refunds? 🔙

Yes, you can delete, cancel, or refund an order using your admin dashboard.

So there you have it! I hope this has helped clear up some of your outstanding questions. You can now bring this information to your next PTA meeting . It makes so much sense to use online ticketing for your fireworks event. We hope you consider using Ticket Tailor for PTAs.

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